This year Translators Group plans to participate in large conferences and other events, requiring highly qualified interpreters. Because it is who we are – top translators and interpreters who like challenge themselves! We also added Dari-English pair to our portfolio of services. Our first client for such service was a reputable UN Women. We would like to thank our clients for their trust and long-term cooperation and wishing a very productive new year to everyone!


   Our company had the honor to provide the language translation services for an important international event- the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Pilgrimage and Cultural Heritage, held in Turkestan city on October 26-28, 2022. Our team ensured a simultaneous   and consecutive interpretation from English, Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, Uzbek and Azeri languages. The venue gathered 400 delegates from all over the world and became an important regional event.  The Conference was organized by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the UNESCO initiative on heritage of religious interest.


   Recently our team that develops more sophisticated version of electronic dictionary has successfully passed the contest for acceleration in a large regional IT hub. This acceleration program will help us to adapt the product to the market demands, meet the mentors, learn how to attract investors and in general, we will know how to make a better and more competitive product.

   We are often asked how we manage to keep high quality of our translations. We decided to take a moment to clarify this important issue. The main methods of quality control in our Company include the automated operations and manual operations with participation of an editor/proofreader.

   Automated QC tools mean the use of specialized software allowthat allows you to identify errors, inaccuracies and deviations, to detect doubling of the translation of a particular term. Such tools can be either built-in like a quality check module, available in SDL Trados, Memsource or memoQ, or be a ‘stand-alone’ software (Verifica, Xbench, etc.). However, automated translator quality control tools cannot replace the humans, who can find the stylistic flaws as well as the inconsistencies, missed by the machine.

   Therefore, the translation process in our Company is arranged as follows:

     - Preparation of the text for translation, which includes formatting/layout, converting to a machine-readable form for subsequent uploading into the translation memory program, corrections;

     - Search for terms and drafting a project glossary;

    - Human translation ensured by the competent translators selected based on the results of testing and questioning, with over 5 years of experience in the subject domain;

    - Use of automated quality control modules/software and review of the final text by the editor/proofreader.

   Due to the well-established standards, the KPI of our translations equals to 98-100% in terms of quality and timing. At the same time, thanks to automated control, we can avoid the impact of so-called human factor and quickly complete the routine tasks.

   Dear partners, our company is glad to announce that we resume our translation activities from January 14, 2022. The office hours: from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday-Friday. We will be glad to see you at our office and/or get your orders online. Best regards, Translators Group Team

   Our team made everything to protect our employees and customers during the covid-19: we introduced and maintained the strictest measures to take the security measures according to the Sanitary regulations and the entry to the office premises was restricted and all the services were provided on-line at the maximum extent. Moreover, during the period when the business centers were closed in March-May 2020, our company continued due to availability of a separate office and well-established IT infrastructure. During this time, we could support our customers by providing in-time translations and delivering the notarized documents to the home addresses of the customers’ employees, working distantly. Surely, the crisis that resulted from the pandemic affected the economy of our country as well as the situation of the small and medium enterprises. Our team has decided to focus all the efforts on improving the quality of provided services, especially, use of SDL Trados and quality control. These measures turned to be efficient and a year after the pandemic rise, our company has concluded a number of contracts with the contractors of large operators and we are planning to extend our team and reinforce our current market positioning.

 We are delighted to share with our partners, friends and colleagues that our recertification audit which took place in February 2021 turned to be successful. Our company demonstrated its commitment to the quality, compliance with the ethic norms, legislative requirements and the translation best practices. From 2015 on, for the last six years he audit reveals that our company fully complies with the QMS requirements. According to the completed audit, we manage to maintain the QMS, we achieve the set goals and do our best to get even better results. Therefore, we do everything to be among 5 leading companies in translation business.

22 December 2020 г.

Happy Christmas!

   Our team would like to congratulate our customers, partners and translators with Christmas, celebrated on December 25 by the catholics of the world. Despite the pandemic, this day is still a symbol of miracle and wonder. Let your family propser and all your dreams will come true!

   Our company informs about the subscription campaign for our translation services until December 31, 2020. When concluding a contract with us, you get an opportunity to access the highest quality translation services in a priority order, free storage of all your translated documents for three years at our secured servers and to request their copies for free, long-term guaratee for all your translations, glossaries of terms in your specific field and mary other advantages. Moreover, we will ensure discounts and promotions about our clients who conluded the contract with us in 2021. So, in new year you will be fully equiped to new business achievements with our team!


     Dear partners, we are happy to announce that we are back to our normal work schedule. However, we introduced some safety precautions related to COVID-19 epidemy. We request all visitors to wear a mask when arriving to our office and to use the hand sanitizers. We also request them to leave their contact details, stipulating the date and time of their visit. We hope that these measures will contribute to your safety and well-being. 

With warmest regards,

Translators Group LLP Team