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We provide all types of interpretation services in any situation, whether it is business meetings, conferences, forums, seminars or support on international trips.

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Translation of drawings

We provide translation of drawings according to the regulatory documents and construction rules and norms to make your projects fully compliant with the local requirements.

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Notarial certification (notary’s certification, notarization) shall be issued for the official translation to prove the authenticity of their content, accuracy and validity.

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Event organisation and management

Event organisation and management services, reception and host services. Equipment rental for simultaneous translation for the conferences and business meetings.

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Translation services are ensured by our qualified pool of specialists who use the state-of-art technologies and observe the required translation standards and integrity of terminology.

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Editing & proofreading

Evaluation of translated texts and their compliance with the original according to a context, accuracy, sense, style and specific linguistic norms.

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Certification with the Company’s stamp

Certification of a translated document with the Company’s stamp / Sworn translation / Translator’s certificate for the state authorities and organisations.

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Linguistic audit

Analysis and evaluation of linguistic and communication aspects for the organisations.

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Interpretation services

Conference Interpretation

A type of verbal translation where interpreters (2 people for each language pair being interpreted) are interpreting at the same time as the speaker and alternate every 15-20 minutes. Simultaneous interpreting ensures instant results and understanding of a speech by a large audience.

Usually, simultaneous interpretation is required for conferences, forums, symposiums, trainings, when it is necessary to transmit information in another language to a wide audience in a short period of time. The cost of simultaneous interpretation shall be supplemented with the rental of equipment, the so-called conference system. Such interpretation requires a booth - desktop or floor-mounted, with a remote control and channels for switching language pairs, microphones and headphones.

During simultaneous interpretation, due to the fast pace of work, some information is lost because the interpreter does not have time to physically translate 100% of the speech. However, a true simultaneous interpretation professional, regardless of his/her qualifications and the upcoming working conditions, shall be able to translate at the highest possible level (up to 95 % of speech). For this purpose, simultaneous interpreters are training their ability to simultaneously translate and reproduce speech in another language for many years. If the interpreter is highly qualified, he/she takes responsibility to determine the meaning of words out of context.

Conference interpreting from Translators Group is:

  • a large database of experienced and competent interpreters;
  • translation at the events of national and international scale;
  • ability to travel to any city of Kazakhstan, to go abroad, to mobilize the human resources quickly;
  • wide specialization, provision of specialized technical translation services (drilling, exploration and production, processing of raw materials, mining, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, commissioning, set-up of facilities).

Consecutive interpretation

This is a type of verbal translation where a specialist interpreter is speaking only during pauses. The speaker pauses briefly during the speech to give the interpreter time to do the job. This type of service ensures the completeness of the translated speech and is more accurate and detailed.

As a rule, the interpreter has the opportunity to ask or clarify something unclear from the speaker, for example, an abbreviation. Consecutive interpreting is popular for small-sized audiences - from a few people to dozens of listeners. Such translation is appropriate at press conferences, negotiations, site visits, presentations of goods and services. Consecutive interpreters keep abbreviated notes that they use when translating.

In addition, consecutive interpreting gives the speaker and the audience an opportunity to concentrate, think, and prepare for the future course of discussion. Consecutive interpreting is a big responsibility, but it is less stressful for the interpreter than simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation from Translators Group is:

  • constant practice of our interpreters thanks to long-term contracts with international
    organizations, such as the UN office in Kazakhstan;
  • providing interpreters to work during the presentations,
    master classes and negotiations;
  • our interpreter becomes a part of your team.

Whispering (chouchoutage)

A sub-kind of simultaneous interpretation, whispering. It is mainly used when few listeners who do not know the foreign language need the interpretation.

In modern conditions, whispering is most often used at meetings, negotiations, round tables, discussions, where the other participants are fluent in the language.

Advantages of Translators Group’s services:

Whispering will save you money and time, make your communications efficient and will help to overcome the language barriers.

Accompaniment in business travel

Accompanying delegations in business travel, work-related trips, meeting at the airport. Your success is our pride, and we stand behind your world-class business success. We offer delegation accompaniment services for travel and business trips, as well as airport pick-up with our experienced interpreters.

Our key services:

  1. Meeting at the airport. Our professional interpreters will welcome your delegation upon arrival, ensuring comfort and understanding from the beginning.
  2. Accompaniment services for travel and business trips. Our interpreters ensure effective communication to help you achieve your business goals during your business travels.
  3. Professional translation. Whatever your area of expertise, we provide high quality translation and interpretation to ensure clear and accurate understanding.
  4. International cooperation. We help making language and cultural barriers invisible, creating opportunities for global growth of your business.

Translators Group will take care of every detail to make your business trip comfortable and successful.

Advantages of Translators Group’s services:

Our interpreter will meet the foreign delegation at the airport, help to settle issues related to travel or luggage search, accompany the delegates to the hotel, if necessary, provide useful information about the location, help to exchange money or find an ATM, buy basic necessities.

We used to accompany the delegations from various countries who attend the conferences, as well as star coaches, writers, and celebrities.


Written translations of texts to various languages and in different subjects.

Translation services from our qualified and professional translators, experienced in specialized terminology (oil and gas, IT, engineering, telecommunications, etc.), with a wide range of specializations and providing technical translation at the highest level and in compliance with the professional standards.

Target languages: European, major Asian languages (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Tagalog, etc.), all languages of CIS countries (from Azerbaijani to Uzbek). During the translation process, we first analyze the text, then perform the calculation, prepare the files for translation (convert them to machine-readable format), load the texts into a translation memory program (e.g. Trados or memoQ), add the translation memory databases and subject-specific glossaries, translate according to the industry standards and norms, upload the translation, check it and correct the formatting & layout, save it and return it to the customer. See the samples of our translations here: Our translations

Translations from Translators Group:

  • high quality translations according to the standards in the area of foreign language translation. Our translation services are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard and our auditor is Intertek Moody.
  • we ensure a high level of protection and strict confidentiality for our customers by securely storing the files on a dedicated server. Our employees have differentiated access to the customer’s documentation.
  • our company introduced a code of ethics, as well as the anti-corruption measures. This means that we will never offer % of an order to our customers’ employees.

Translation of drawings
and project documentation.

Professional translation of drawings and design estimate documents.

In a world where construction and engineering are becoming increasingly diverse and global, an accurate understanding of drawings, technical documentation and regulations is integral part of success. At Translators Group, we provide high-quality translation services in the area of construction, architecture and engineering to help you successfully implement your projects around the world.

  1. Translation of drawings and technical documentation:
  2. Our experienced translators specialize in the accurate and reliable translation of construction drawings, technical specifications and documentation. We ensure that all important technical data and details are accurately translated in a foreign language.

  3. Translation of normative documents and Construction Rules and Regulations:
  4. We provide translation of regulatory documents and construction rules and norms to make your projects fully compliant with the local requirements. We do guarantee that every translation complies with your country’s specifications and language norms.

At Translators Group, we take care of every detail to make your business trip comfortable and successful.

Advantages of Translators Group:

We have extensive experience in interpretation and translation, and over the years we have provided our services to more than 1,000 corporate clients across Kazakhstan. Our company also served as a contractor to NCOC for the translation of Kashagan project documentation from 2018 to 2022. 100% KPI based on quality and timely completion of translations Largest database of technical glossaries and translation memory databases. State-of-art software for drawing translation.

Editing & proofreading

Editing & proofreading is the part of the translation process where translated documents are compared to the original text and the translated text is evaluated in its entirety for contextual relevance, accuracy, completeness, stylistics, and adherence to spelling and grammar rules.

We provide both editing of translated texts by a proofreader or native speakers and proofreading of texts for further publication. We estimate the work depending on the language pair, subject matter, urgency, purpose of the translation and other key factors.


Notarial certification (Notarization) of translated documents that are purposed for the state authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (e.g., the Center of Services to Population) is a mandatory requirement. If documents are translated from Kazakh or Russian into a foreign language, the translation may require apostilization (legalization), notarization or certification by a sworn translator - these requirements should be confirmed with the receiving party.

Notarization is a procedure that makes a translated document legitimate: when certified it acquires legal force and is accepted by most organizations in the country for which the translation was made. In fact, it is the notary’s certification of the signature of qualified translator with relevant diplomas. Only translators holding a diploma are authorized to sign the notarial certification of a translation.

Notarization by Translators Group means that:

  • all specialists of Translators Group working with official documents have diplomas in linguistics and translation studies and entitled to make the notarized translation in Almaty;
  • when ordering translation and notarial certification in our bureau, you will get the original text and its translated copy with the translator’s signature, which in turn is certified by the seal and signature of the notary in time and according to the legal requirements;
  • our notarized translation of legal documents is accepted in public and private organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Certification with
the Company’s stamp

Certification with the company’s stamp is a free service that we provide to our customers upon request. Many embassies, consulates, universities and other organizations accept translation by a certified/sworn translator.

Event organisation

Hostess services

Our professional hostesses take care of meeting & greeting the guests, ensuring their comfort and responding to their inquiries.

We provide a wide scope of services, including:

  • Guest registration. Our girls meet the guests and register them, entering information into the lists and distributing badges for easy identification;
  • Distribution of promotional materials. We help to distribute the promotional materials, brochures, business cards, flyers and branded souvenirs to make your event more informative and memorable;
  • Production consulting. Our hostesses invite the visitors to view products and new products, focusing on the key aspects of your business;
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere. We create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the guests by being courteous, offering treats, ensuring the degustation and making sure the workplace is clean. If necessary, we supply the waiters for the exhibitions;
  • Informational support. Our hostesses are available to answer guest questions, direct potential customers to the person in charge, and keep a register. We also can help gathering the business cards and contacts for future communications;
  • Awards and ceremonies. Our hostesses can participate in on-stage ceremonies to present diplomas, certificates, awards and souvenirs;
  • Multi-language environment. Among other things, hostesses from Translators Group are bilingual, allowing them to support and assist the international guests at the event;

With our hostesses, your event will be more organized, informative and comfortable for all delegates and guests. Our professionals have the relevant experience and professionalism to make your event memorable and successful.

Equipment rental for simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation requires specialized equipment to ensure effective communication between the interpreters and the audience, especially for the large-scale events.

We rent the following equipment:

  1. Translation Booths. Interpreters work in soundproofed booths that provide comfort and all required facilities for work. Translation booths are usually equipped with microphones, headphones, and computers;
  2. Radio and infrared signal transmission system (RF/IR Systems). This system transmits the signal from the translation to the booth and to the audience's headphones. It ensures smooth voice transmission and supresses the background noise;
  3. Headsets. Interpreters and audience use the headsets to listen to the translation. Such headsets are equipped with two channels as minimum to switch between two translated languages.
  4. Microphones. Interpreters use the microphones to transmit the translation to the system. Microphones can be both stationary and portable ones.
  5. Control Units. They enable the interpreters to control the incoming/outcoming sound, to choose the channels and to adjust other technical settings.
  6. Audio/Video Recording. Some events might require the recording systems to create audio- and video archives with translation.
  7. Technical support. Professional technicians ensure the set-up and technical maintenance during the event.
  8. Communication Systems. It is a must to have a communication tool between the interpreters to coordinate the translation and to be able to share the information.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment ensures that interpreters work in parallel with the original speech, providing a near real-time translation. Such equipment guarantees the quality and efficiency of the interpreters’ work and the convenience of the audience.

Advantages of simultaneous interpretation services from Translators Group:

Our company is engaged in providing simultaneous interpretation services, as well as rental services for specialized equipment. Our specialists can recommend the reliable equipment providers, advise on model selection, ensure the technical support for the event and familiarize you with the functionality.

Linguistic audit

A linguistic audit is an indispensable tool for assessing the level of foreign language proficiency of employees who use it for the work communication. This process helps to provide some objective information on the language skills but is also serves as a basis for the development of individualized educational programs. The distinctive feature of language audit is its versatility and its ability to serve as a tool for monitoring the training quality.

Key stages of linguistic audit:

  1. Integration into corporate plans. The first step is to meet the top management of the company to determine the strategic goals of the language audit and integrate it into the corporate plan.
  2. Defining the communication areas. It is important to find out the areas of communication with foreign partners by an open talk with the company's management.
  3. Analysis of needs. The language needs of the departments and employees are studied prior to the audit.
  4. Language tests. Language proficiency tests are created and administered to determine language proficiency specific to employees’ tasks.
  5. Assessing professional communication competences. A comparison is made between the level of language skills and the requirements for the specific job.
  6. Report and Recommendations. Following the audit, a report is provided with recommendations on corporate language policy and necessary training for the employees.
  7. Language requirements for recruitment and employment. Language requirements for newly hired employees are being developed.

A language audit is not only an assessment of current skills, but also a tool for achieving a higher level of language competence among the employees. It facilitates effective communication with the foreign partners and enhances the company’s competitiveness.


More info about us is available in Projects: find more details about the interesting cases, events and our approach to the translation/interpretation tasks.