08 September 2018 г.

National Business Rating

This summer Translators Group was included in the National Business Rating as an exemplary taxpayer and even took top places in its category in Almaty and Kazakhstan as a whole. As the Rating representative states in her letter, "these high results show a substantial contribution of the Company in development of the country's economy, the trust from the part of its clients and partners". In our turn, we are so proud that our work was noticed by the rating agency and we are committed to keep the same pace in future. 

08 September 2018 г.

Conference season is on

Our Company is booked as a provider of linguistic services for many remarkable events throughout Kazakhstan, providing its best interpreters to ensure the best communications possible. We would like to kindly remind our esteemed customers that starting from 2017 we also provide the equipment for simultaneous translation, as well as the other accompanying services (technicians, meet&greet, hostesses and etc). Our quality&price ratio is still one of the best in the market and we will be delighted to contribute to your success.


We are delighted to announce that last month we successfully passed a certification according to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001: 2015. The audit was made by Intertek company and it has proved that Translators Group runs its activities in compliance with the new quality standards and that we are constantly improving our work. Therefore, our company is one of few language service providers, which actually proves its committement to the compliance with the quality standards. Passing the certification and upgrading t the new ISO 9001:2015 standard is another important step for our team of translators. 


We all remember the proverb: "While it is fine weather mend your sails". And it is wise to dedicate the cold winter period to think about the well-deserved vacations, dreaming about the overseas adventures. That's why the most interesting tourist events take place in February- this time the key industry players gathered in The Ritz Carlton Almaty to plan the further activities and cooperation. As usual, our translators were in demand to establish the mutual understanding and to ensure the business contacts.



It's not a secret that the Digitalization Forum was the biggest event in Almaty in the beginning of February. It attracted the public attention thanks to the most relevant and important topics, included to its agenda. One of the most urgent topics was the training for the specialists. This task was assihned to Mr.Andrea Di Maio, Gartner's VP and one the world's leading expert in digitalization. During several hours our simultaneous interpreters virtually catched each word of the prominent expert to convey the meaning to the numerious participants of this seminar with high degree of accuracy. It was like an exam for our interpreters who had proved their professionalism and reputation. We would like to thank our customer for trust and long-term cooperation!  


13 December 2017 г.

Happy New Year!

Dear Partners & Friends,

During the Holiday Season we would like to remember all the work we've done together and to thank you for your kind cooperation and for making this year truly unforgettable.  We are committed to make your work more efficient by providing excellent services for your business.

Translators Group team wishes you a Happy New Year!



In November 2017 our team of professional interpreters work in a high security prison in Almaty region, where they provided the simultaneous interpretation for the seminar. The audience- mainly, the penal correction system employees, highly appreciated both quality of content and the way it was interpreted by our linguists. We are also proud of providing the full set equipment for this event, together with the transportation and the set-up. It feels good when our work serves the demands of the society!



On September 22-23 our company provided simultaneous interpretation for an international peacekeeping conference held in Almaty. This year the conference was held under the auspices of UNESCO and with pro-active support of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The importance of this conference is enhanced on the backdrop of current political and military situation in the world and we, as interpreters, were truly delighted to make our small contribution to the advocacy of peacekeeping initiatives. 

12 July 2017 г.

Training 12/07/2017


12.07.17. Our simultaneous interpreters worked for 2 days at the courses, organized by PRI, UNICEF and the Children's Ombudsman of Kazakhstan. It was a highly interactive training, which required a top-level knowledge, consistency and stamina. We are thankful for such opportunity and for highly positive feedback!





       We would like to remind you that starting from this year we also provide the rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation from the European supplier- Danish Interpretation System. The pricing for a complex provision of the equipment is calculated depending on the number of participants and interpreters, specific features of a conference hall and some other factors.

The main elements of DIS conference systems include the following: microphone consoles of various types, central block (to control the microphones and to channel the sound), simultaneous interpretation system (wire-based or wire-less, for transmission of signal from the interpreters' cabin to the delegates). We also can supply with complete sound systems, LED-screens, interactive panels and other equipment.