13 December 2013 г.

Independence Day

Dear Partners,

We would like to extend to you our sincere congratulations on the coming Independence Day. We wish you all prosperity, success and happiness. In relation to the requests from our customers, we work during the public holidays according to the following schedule: 

Monday, 16.12.13 - 09.00-14.00 (half day)

Tuesday, 17.12.13 - 09.00- 19.00 (full day)

It is known that the summer is the best time for vacations. If you address to our company, we will help you with translation of the visa application documents, It will allow to save your money and time. We will translate all the range of personal documents from/into all European languages and will give you discount for the second traveller. So, if you wish to solve the visa problems, its worth visiting us! We can assist you in filling the online application forms for your convienience. All our translations are certified by the company's stamp, as well as by a public notary (at your request). 

In May 2013 our Company has signed the contract for cooperation with the Croatian branch of the global communication company Ericsson. 

Having passed the tough selection process, our team confirmed our competitiveness and professionalism. Ericsson Croatia is not our first international partner, previousely we made translations for the companies from the UK, USA, South Korea, Russia and Czech Republic. 

We are glad to announce that starting from April, Translators Group uses the MemSource operational system. MemSource is a complete translation environment, which is primarily web-based but it also includes a desktop CAT tool, MemSource Editor, which is one of the very few workbenches that can run also on Macintosh and Linux besides Windows. A private cloud offering is also available, branded as MemSource Server. All the translations now are processed safely in the high-security data center. Instead of emailing TMX files back and forth, the translators connect to our completely private space in MemSource Cloud. This system also helps to control the consistency of terminology for large projects.